What exactly is a paysite?

This is the sort of site which charges you so that you can get access to its member area where the site's content is available. To get such access, you need to subscribe, and in most cases you will be charged for it. These charges can be one-off or recurring, e.g. monthly. There's another type of sites - the ones which charge you on a pay-per-view basis. Here, the more content you watch, the more you pay. Usually such sites offer credits packages which you can spend on viewing.

So what's up with the reviews?

A review is a nifty way of finding out about a paysite or two without actually paying for access to them. Some sites are worthy, some are not. Reviews offer an evaluative look at the quality and quantity sides of a paysite. A good review site is your buyer's guide which lets you know what exactly you are paying for.

One of your reviews seem to have a mistake!

It's only natural for paysites to change, just like it's natural for anything else. We try to be as accurate as possible, but if for example a site switches from weekly updates to monthly, we can't possibly keep track of that unless you let us know. It's important for us to offer information anyone can use as a detailed buying guide. If you see something which could be more accurate, please let us know and we'll deal with it.

Do I pay for anything here?

Not a dollar. Everything here is free, including paysite reviews, content samples and all the rest. We do not sell paid memberships and we do not manage the memberships you purchase after you read our reviews.

Where does this charge on my card come from?

Most likely, you recently subscribed to a site or two. It's paysites who charge your card, not us. Check your email for subscription information and your card statement for payment processor contacts.

How do I pay for sites with my card?

No site will bill your bank card unless you authorize it to do so. When you click the Join link, you see the features of your offer and fill in a form with your details. It's you who chooses the products to bill you for. Depending on the site and your membership type, you may be billed either once or on a recurring basis.

How do I stop paying for a paysite?

It's all simple and easy. All sites offer handy cancellation features. Check the How are memberships cancelled? Section in the Buyer' Guide to find out more.