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What does recurring membership mean?

When applied to site membership, recurring means your initial subscription entitles the site owners to charge you again when your initial subscription period expires.

Example: you buy a 1-month recurring membership, and after 30 days the site bills you again so that your membership stays uninterrupted. Don't feel like staying a member? Cancel your subscription. Recurring memberships are convenient because you don't have to worry about your membership suddenly expiring.

What is a trial membership?

So that people can find out about the features this or that site offers, many sites offer trial memberships. These are cheap subscriptions for a limited period of time, usually a couple of days.

An important thing about them is that they often offer limited opportunities. For example, as a trial member you may be allowed to download only part of the content, you may not see the entire model list, you may not exceed a daily download limit, things like that.

Yet another thing about trial memberships, they often rebill as full memberships at a higher price than a normal membership would cost you. Be careful with trials, make sure you read the full offer before you actually pay. In fact, trial memberships could be avoided all together. Full subscriptions cost a few bucks more but last much longer and offer more features.

How are memberships cancelled?

Usually this information is contained in the email you receive after you sign up. Together with your login, password, and other essential things, these emails also offer cancellation details.

Alternatively, a cancel link can be found in your member area. Most sites value their buyers and offer detailed information on how you can cancel your subscription. Another way to cancel a membership is check your card statement and identify the payment processor which billed you for this specific membership. Then, check this processor's website for cancellation instrusctions which are always there.

Please note that it's typical for sites to let you cancel your membership at any time, unless your membership is set to rebill in the next 24 hours. With that, submit your cancellation requests in good time.

Joined a site and it's not working?

Just like any other web site, an adult site may experience technical difficulties. These can occur with smaller and bigger sites alike. It's natural that tech troubles are more common to smaller sites though.

Depending on the nature of the issue, you should contact the site owners and/or the payment processing company immediately. If you are facing login problems, it's best to contact both. If it's something related to the site's member area, the site's support department will be more helpful.

As for login problems, there's a thing you need to remember. With some sites, your membership is activated in few hours after you sign up. Check your subscription email for this information. Many of them are instant, but with some it takes time till your username and password reach the database.

In most cases, you'll get a prompt reply from both the site customer support and the payment processing company which often have 24/7 customer support.

What are cross sales?

Essentially, cross sales, or upselling, have been around for quite a while. We all know them. When you buy from one business, another business makes an offer relevant to your first purchase. We are all accustomed to special offers we get basically everywhere.

In the adult entertainment sector, cross sales mean that as you subscribe to one site, you get a bunch of special offers to join other sites at a discounted price. These offers basically come as checkboxes which you check if you feel like accepting this or that special offer.

Some offers are initially unchecked so that you need to check them, and some can be checked as well. So, if you don't want anything extra, uncheck the box.

In most cases, we do not recommend joining sites other from the one you initially chose. It will be harder to keep track of your memberships, and often these special offers will include trial memberships which will soon automatically rebill at a higher price.

What exactly is exclusive content?

Websites can offer two types of content, exclusive and licensed. The latter is cheaper and can appear on multiple websites who purchase the license. If you see a movie or a picture series which definitely looks familiar, chances are it's licensed content.

Exclusive content is the thing we're all after. Exclusive means the pictures and videos you see were made specifically for the website you see, and for no other website whatsoever. The only way to see exclusive content outside of the website it was made for is checking out the free promo pictures and videos available all across the internet.

What does DRM stand for?

DRM means digital rights management. It's a technology site owners and content producers use to mark their content in a special way in order to prevent its unauthorized usage. It works for WMV files only. Basically, DRM gives the publishers more control over their content. This is a way to prevent content piracy and other unauthorized usage.

In a nutshell, content with DRM is content you can watch provided you meet certain criteria. In most cases it means you can play the movies downloaded from a site as long as your subscription to the site is active.

It works in this way: together with the movies, you download a certificate which is installed into your system. When you play the movies, the certificate checks with the issuing server to see if your membership is still valid.