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80 Good

Celebs Caught on Camera

4-Oct-2010, review by FetishFreak

Fetish: Celebrity

Content quality:  16/20

Content amount:  18/20

Excitng and originality:  15/20

Design and usability:  16/20

Reviewer’s opinion:  15/20

Celebs Caught on Camera

750+ picture sets


550+ episodes

WMV - 320x240 pixels
MPEG - 320x240 pixels
Flash - 320x240 pixels

Downloadable videos: Yes
DRM protection: No

Quick Facts:

Updates: Daily
Exclusive: Minor content
No download limits: Yes


$1.00 - 2 days limited access (recurring)
$39.95 - 30 days (recurring)

Crossales: No
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Celebrities and sex scandals, the one-stop place

Sex scandals are an integral part of the world of high profile celebs. We mean, even apart from the fact that all these celeb upskirt pictures and celebs sex tapes are a great way to stay on top. But we the fans, don't we all lust after paparazzi shots and sexy candids of like every celeb out there? This is our way of bringing the red carpet people straight into our world. A naughty and dirty way, you might say, but they don't really mind, do they? So, the demand is here, what about the supply?


Celebs Caught on Camera memberzonememberzone screenshots

Celebs Caught on Tape is an established site which pays attention to both quality and quantity. This might seem as a bold statement, but you need to trust us on this one. Even if you don't, the free area of Celebs Caught on Tape pretty much gives you the idea. The site obviously tries not to lag behind and update with latest celeb and paparazzi content. There's no site out there which did not feature something with Britney Spears, right? However, Celebs Caught on Camera does not limit itself to sex scandals and exposed celebs we have seen like a hundred of times before.

Check Lady Gaga for example. This is a pretty recent thing, her fame, and she is actually doing pretty good providing sites like Celebs Caught on Tape with a variety of diverse but always sexy sex scandals material. The site claims to be updated daily. Can't be true, you say? Well, let us say it's actually true. New nude celeb pictures and celebs sex tapes appear here on a daily basis. Sometimes even several items per single day.

The site seems to be embracing a wide choice of subjects, from wardrobe malfunctions to actual celebrity sex tapes, paparazzi material, nude scenes from movies and TV shows, and the like. There are so many sites of the kind out there, how exactly is Celebs Caught on Camera special? We'll tell you.

The site is sporting a pretty usable and friendly member area. You get easy, trouble-free access to the main categories at all times. These are male or female celebs, sex tapes, nude scenes, fakes, and a couple of others. Choosing males or females will take you to an alphabetic list. For every letter, there are like pages and pages of celebrities to choose from.

Choosing a name might be hard, but when you do, you will be taken to a set of pictures with this celebrity. These may come from different sources and you can expect anything from a handful of pictures to pages and pages of thumbnails. This of course depends on many factors, including the popularity, whether the celeb is popular today or not, and how willing her or she is to expose the gems.

The pictures could be photos, magazine scans, TV screenshots, and basically anything else, with a resolution of around 1024x768px at best. Sex Tapes is a fun place to be, with around 60 sex tapes total. These can be streamed in the browser, downloaded as smaller MPEG clips, or saved as one big AVI file. Screencaps are also there. Most celebs sex tapes are around 30-50 megabytes in size.

Consider the nature of this rare nude celebs content and you will see the quality is pretty damn good! The Fake sections have hundreds of content items with faked naked celebs pictures and videos, sometimes sexy, sometime funny, but always quality made. Nude Scenes offer around 400 galleries with screencaps of varying quality.



Large collection of celebrity pics and videos.


Slightly uneasy navigation.

Celebs Caught on Camera is a pretty damn big site with actual daily updates and dozens and dozens of exposed celebs. Whether you are in the market for males or females, the site will deliver. Not only it has a vast collection of real sexy candids, paparazzi pics, real celebs sex tapes and more, it can also provide quite a bit of sexy entertainment with fake naked celebs pictures and videos. The site strives to stay fresh and cover the latest celeb sex scandals. And you know they take place all the time! And this looks like a one-stop site which could satisfy all your needs.

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